• Working day and night for ArcelorMittal
  • Working day and night for ArcelorMittal

Treating tubular piles for Cuxhaven Hamburg LP4 project

ArcelorMittal has been a returning customer of ours for years. They mostly come to us for shop work. But this time,

ArcelorMittal approached us for the treatment of 68 tubular piles, which needed to be done within a relatively short time span. And not just any kind of tubular piles! These are big ones with diameters ranging from 1.4 metres to 1.6 metres and between 38 and 43 metres long. They are intended to be used for the building of Hamburg’s new Cuxhaven port area (Germany). Late delivery would lead to ArcelorMittal incurring a hefty fine from their client in Germany, Bilfinger Bouw.

Despite the fact that they placed the order quite late, we managed to pull together and treat the tubular piles in three batches. We outsourced most of the blasting and spraying work to Bilfinger’s Dutch subsidiary (Brabant Mobiel), while Straco Waspik took care of part of the work and assisted in handling the piles during blasting and spraying. To create extra capacity, we rented an empty site (including gantry cranes) from Thijssen Staal, situated directly on the water in Waspik. We literally worked day and night. And we got the job done and made the deadline together. Good job, guys!

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