• The secret of Heerenveen
  • The secret of Heerenveen
  • The secret of Heerenveen

In the previous edition of Brabant Groep News, we published an item about the powder coating of the steel structure for a shopping mall in Limburg. Straco Heerenveen had landed this order from Buiting Machinebouw en Staalconstructie BV.

It was the first time these two companies worked together. This project has meanwhile been completed to everyone’s satisfaction. “It all went very smoothly; we got everything right the first time,” says Guus van Gulik about the project. “This is actually worth mentioning, as it was a very special project that required a keen focus on aesthetics.” This was reason for us to get in touch with Heerenveen to ask them: what’s your secret?

Guus van Gulik is all too happy to share Heerenveen’s secret. Without having to think about it long, he praises his small but highly professional team for their unrivalled flexibility and readiness. “They are very flexible and willing to scale up whenever that’s necessary. Aside from that, we recently made a few technical changes to our machines, allowing us to switch between colours and primers even faster. This is how we are responding to the many different kinds of orders we get, while specialising in powder coating at a high level for a group of loyal customers. Once a customer has tried Straco Heerenveen’s services, they always come back. That’s something that we are really proud of.”

winkelcentrum Stein SHLocation: Stein

Completion: 2016

Tonnage: 115 tonnes

The total project consists in a number of residential buildings with three blocks of commercial properties in between.

Between these commercial properties, there are passageways for access to the shopping area. These passageways and the central area will be covered by an atrium-style glass roof to create a fully covered passageway with a comfortable shopping climate.

To support the atrium-style glass roof, a complex steel structure will be erected below it. In terms of shape and finish, this structure has a great bearing on the overall look of the passageway. The basic shape is made of traditional industrially manufactured semi-trusses with a huge tree with steel branches in the central area, which blends in beautifully with the surroundings.

The total structure will be treated with a 2-layer powder coating in a greenish sable colour.

Project details
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