In the May 2013 edition of Brabant Groep News, we announced that work on the new TAQA plant in Bergermeer had just started, and we can now report that it has meanwhile all but been completed.

“This shows how fast we have had to work on this project for Bilfinger to be able to keep up with the customer’s schedule,” says Erik Drijver. “The 16,000m² of prefab piping spools we treated could cover 32 football pitches! With an average diameter of 6″, this makes for a total length of over thirty kilometres, which we shipped in and out using approx. one hundred lorries. And to complete the picture: we used 12,500 litres of paint.” Besides Staalstraal Brabant, four other companies were hired by Bilfinger to work on this extensive project.

Project details
  • 15 November 2017Date: