Why look for business in faraway places when you can find it close to home? A loyal and tight-knit Straco Heerenveen team provides coating services for companies across the north of the Netherlands. One of these companies is Prins Dokkum, a manufacturer of traffic safety systems that recently changed its name to Saferoad Holland and relocated to Heerenveen.

Guus van Gulik: “As the crow flies, we are basically neighbours now! This makes communication even easier. Prins Dokkum, which recently rebranded itself as Saferoad Holland, has been a customer of ours for years. We have worked on various beautiful projects for them in the past, such as coating crash barriers, guardrails, and other road restraint systems. We are currently coating barriers for Saferoad.”

For Straco Heerenveen, this kind of work for traffic-related companies such as Saferoad makes for a nice addition to work for other industries, such as agriculture, machine construction, steel construction, and the energy industry.

For more information about Saferoad Holland, visit: www.saferoad.nl

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  • 15 November 2017Date: