There are many things you take no notice of in everyday life, things you see only when they are pointed out to you. Guardrails and road restraint systems, for example. There is an increasing need for these kinds of steel constructions, especially as numerous roads in the Netherlands are widened or redeveloped. Steel Constructions plays a major part in such projects.

In the Benelux countries, this Geldermalsen-based company is the market leader when it comes to manufacturing guardrails. The company boasts its own in-house production capacity of around one thousand guardrails a year, which is about 5 kilometres of guardrail every day.

Steel Constructions’ production lines are fully automated. The rolls of steel are stretched, punched, profiled, and drawn in an automated process. Robots subsequently take care of stacking the rails. But working together with partners will always include a human touch. And it is on this personal level where Steel Constructions and Straco Heerenveen have found each other. Since this year, Straco Heerenveen has been taking care of coating some of these guardrails. Guus van Gulik: “They were looking for a partner that could offer flexibility. A partner who could keep up with them, in other words deliver fast and deliver quality. We are able to flexibly respond to their needs and thus help achieve fast delivery times. They are a great customer to work for.”

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  • 15 November 2017Date: