Treating railway station platform roofs is rapidly becoming an additional specialist area for Straco Waspik. They are currently hard at work on projects for De Kok Staalbouw and Van Den Bersselaar, treating vaults and curve sections in such roof constructions.

The roof that Straco Waspik is working on for De Kok Staalbouw is intended for a station on Amsterdam’s new North-South Line. It truly is an architectural tour de force!

And that also goes for the platform roof that Straco Waspik is treating for Van Den Bersselaar. Martin Groenendaal: “This platform roof will be erected in The Hague, on the Erasmus Line. It is a large frame and has heavy components, including hot-dip galvanised tubes that will be used to close the moveable roof. We will be abrasive blasting and metallising this roof section. Work started in week 43, and should be completed by the end of week 53, in time for the scheduled installation work over the first two weeks of 2016.

Working under this kind of pressure is nothing new for us. Still, by consistently working according to the guidelines specified by our quality certificates, such as ISO 9001, we have introduced greater structure and more calm into our processes.”

Project details
  • 15 November 2017Date: