• Logistics expertise wins over potential client
  • Logistics expertise wins over potential client

In a market where many potential clients are tightening their purse strings, Brabant Groep has managed to land a major order through one of Straco Waspik’s business partners for the treatment of five thousand tonnes of steel sheet piling and two thousand tonnes of other components for embankment construction along Merwedekanaal.

Erik Drijver: “It was our logistics expertise that did it. By ship, clients can unload as much as one thousand tonnes of material at our site each time. We will then take care of storage and treat the components on demand. After that, we will ship the materials to six different sites along Merwedekanaal using a large pontoon.”

Our contribution to building the Merwedekanaal embankment will be a fine example of collaboration between Staalstraal Brabant and Straco Waspik. While the sheet piling is treated in Oosterhout, the other parts of the construction will be subjected to preservation treatment in Waspik. The first batch will arrive by ship on 26 November. We will keep you posted of developments in this project.

Project details
  • 15 November 2017Date: