Abrasive blasting and preserving 1,232 tubes with different diameters in just under six weeks, now that’s a challenge! A challenge that Straco Waspik took on with great dedication on 22 March 2012. Straco Waspik was contracted for the abrasive blasting and preservation of approximately 27,300 square metres of (net) paint area by ArcelorMittal Projects Nigeria (through DAEWOO Nigeria for SHELL Nigeria).

To make sure they could meet the tight deadline, Straco Waspik implemented a new logistics layout in one of their units. And it proved very successful! The work was organised along logical lines to ensure an exceptionally fast lead time. Combined with employees’ great flexibility, this produced great results. This did not go unnoticed to ArcelorMittal Project Nigeria’s project manager André Vader: “I can only say that we are highly satisfied with Straco’s delivery performance, the proactive mindset of their employees, the high quality, and the fast lead time, it was all top quality.” That’s what we like to hear. On 4 May 2012, we will make the final delivery on this project–. the final step of a major feat.

Project details
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