Straco Waspik can treat all kinds of metal, ranging from stainless and galvanised steel to cast iron and aluminium, and of course our trusted carbon steel. We treat mainly large components, such as bridge sections, sheet piling and heavy structures, radio/TV masts, but increasingly also pipe spools for the petrochemical industry and constructions that are treated with a fire-retardant coating. Customers are also increasingly turning to us to have metallic coatings applied to their materials.

Core activity
Our core activity consists in metallic and non-ore abrasive blasting followed by the application of a protective wet coating and fire retardant coating. But we can also apply a metallic zinc or aluminium coat to products, in a process that is often referred to as thermal spraying.

Specialist areas
Straco Waspik’s specialist areas include:

• Steel grit blasting for the treatment of (large heavy) carbon steel products.
• Abrasive blasting using non-ore abrasives (Corundum and glass bead) to treat stainless steel, galvanised steel, and products for the food industry and other industries.
• Application of complete wet coating and paint systems for a wide range of purposes.
• Metallisation using thermally sprayed zinc and aluminium layers (TSA) for bridges, fences, and/or pipe spools for the petrochemical industry. Whenever necessary, we can also apply further protective coatings to a metallic coat.
• Application of fire-retardant coatings (offering fire resistance for 30, 60, or 90 minutes) on pipes. This kind of coating is increasingly in demand nowadays, both in the petrochemical industry and non-residential construction, where we have treated materials for scaffolding, loading and unloading arms, car parks, sports centres, swimming pools, office buildings, etc.