Staalstraal Brabant provides preservation services mainly for steel that is to be used in heavy industry, treating sheets, profiles, and other steel components for the shipbuilding industry, tank construction, and large construction companies. Aside from that, Staalstraal Brabant treats steel for the petrochemical industry (manual coating) on an increasing scale.

Staalstraal Brabant serves steel traders in the Netherlands and steel manufacturers across Europe. Besides the steel trade, we also work for the steel construction industry, shipbuilding, tank construction, petrochemical industry, civil engineering, and non-residential construction.

Thanks to excellent storage capacity and logistics facilities, Staalstraal Brabant is able to offer full-service logistics solutions, ranging from unloading, (temporary) storage of material and sorting to processing, packaging, and loading and shipping of processed materials to our customers.

Their fully automated abrasive blasting and preservation lines are also perfectly suited for the processing of water-based paints, i.e. the kind of eco-friendly primers that will be used on an ever larger scale in the near future. This is how Staalstraal Brabant does its bit in working on a better environment with reduced carbon emissions.