Brabant Groep’s operations are focused on corrosion prevention projects in many different industries, ranging from the tank construction and steel industry, the petrochemical industry, the civil engineering industry and the non-residential construction industry to the shipbuilding industry and the energy industry.


As the market leader in fully automated abrasive blasting and preservation of structural steel, Brabant Groep stands for extensive capacity and fast turnaround times and a no-nonsense approach, and everyone knows that our word is our bond.


Materials are shipped in and out by road or by ship, because our Straco Waspik site is also located on an easy-to-access waterway. Impressive cranes, each with a lifting capacity of over 30 tonnes, move the steel to one of the four immense production lines for processing.


Straco Heerenveen is one of only a few coating companies in the Netherlands to provide both fully automated and manual abrasive blasting services, as well as powder coating and wet coating services, which many clients see as one of our key strengths.

Our specialist areas

278Boasting over forty years’ experience in steel preservation, Brabant Groep stands out in the industry. Our fully automated abrasive blasting and preservation lines are ideally suited for application of water-based paints and eco-friendly primers.
BRABANTGROEP-stracobrug-smallThe various Brabant Groep companies offer a range of different abrasive blasting options, including steel grit blasting, Corundum blasting, and glass bead blasting. This allows us to use either metallic or non-ore abrasives.

At Brabant Groep, non-ore abrasives (Corundum and glass beads) are used to treat stainless steel, galvanised steel, and products for the food industry and other industries.
262The various group companies that make up Brabant Groep can also take care of metallisation of metal constructions using thermally sprayed zinc and aluminium layers (TSA). If necessary, additional coats can be applied to metallic layers.
straco waspik activiteiten 2More and more companies are coming to us for our (electrostatic) powder coating services, which produce durable, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant results and optimum aesthetics. And powder coating (no solvents!) also happens to be the friendliest option in terms of working conditions and our environment.
BRABANTGROEP-arcelor-buizenWe can apply fire-retardant coatings (offering fire resistance for 30, 60, or 90 minutes) on pipes and a range of other components. This kind of coating is increasingly in demand nowadays, both in the petrochemical industry and non-residential construction, where we have treated materials for scaffolding, loading and unloading arms, car parks, sports centres, swimming pools, office buildings, etc.